How To Write A Love Letter To Your List

It’s a delight to receive emails that are personal and generous. Instead of sending a Christmas present to everyone on your list, (because that’s just an impossible task), why not write them a love letter.

Here’s an example:

Hello Sarah

I love what you’re doing in the world, and who you are being, so to say thank you I’ve made you a [insert gift]. 

Having you as a friend has been amazing. I know we’ve both grown a tremendous amount this year.

I hope you’ll enjoy my gift, I enjoyed making it for you. 

Sending so much love,

Sarah xxo


Here are some other examples of content you can include in your love letter:

I wanted you to know that you are special, loved, and worthy. 

I needed to tell you how much you matter.

I wanted to email you because, without you, I wouldn’t be here.

You mean the world to me. 

I love your smile. 

I love your booty. 

You’re a sexy momma that deserves the best.

Keep your love letter short and sweet. I’d love to know that I am a sexy momma that deserves the best. I’m not told that enough, actually… I’ve never been told that!

Surprise and delight your list, and they’ll love you hard. 

Sarah xxo