Wealthy OR Just Fake?

Online there is a lot of hype. Some hype is genuine, people sharing things that they’ve accomplished and things that they are proud of. Other hype, is fantasized by the person posting, it’s almost like a manifestation. They post, secretly hoping that if they tell the world and others how well they are doing (financially, spirituality, mentally etc), then they will be perceived that way, and attract those things that they deeply desire. 

I kinda feel like I understand both sides. I’ve been a headless chicken in my business and life before, I’ve been a driven six figure coach before. It’s understandable that it can be frustrating, seeing and watching others share what fake stories, or wishful thoughts. 

It’s understandable that it can be frustrating, seeing and watching others share fake stories or wishful t. thinking, with full knowledge that you know they are not being 100% truthful. 

I know that it’s not easy in business, and I know first hand that being wealthy is so different to pretending to be wealthy online. Pretending & being are different things. 

I have gone through dark times, where I’ve paid $15,000 USD for coaching that I was just not ready for. I know that in business you want to be REAL, you don’t want to be that fake coaching goddess. The thing is, though, fake thoughts, fake pictures, and fake copy radiates a particular energy. I know, I know. Totally woo-woo. But, it does. The type of clients you’ll attract when you’re pretending to be someone that you are not, are NOT clients that you want to attract. 

It’s lovely to want to strive and be a wealthy entrepreneur, it’s lovely when you get there too. But you don’t need to make the journey hard on yourself. You can make it completely enjoyable, you can be completely yourself, and you don’t have to be somebody that you are not. 

If you’re after real attainable wealth, it doesn’t come from looking over the fence and seeing what everyone else is doing and trying to do that. It comes from being yourself, and being totally honest with yourself and others. It’s in that place, that you attract REAL WEALTH. 

It’s time to be honest. What is one thing that you are too afraid to say?