Unplug: How To Switch Off From Social Media

Post crafted by Sarah Liddle

I go on social media exclusively for my business, or so that’s what I tell myself. One thing you’ll notice about my past social media usage is that it’s been a lot. I use to wake up in the morning and one of the first things I would do was to check my Facebook. Once that was done I would check Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube. 

However, one thing that’s changed lately is me, and as a result, my need to go on social media has decreased. I want to feel my life, remember it. I want to be able to catch up face to face, and not have to capture it with Instagram. I want to spend time with people that are present in our conversations. I want to be present in the conversations that I have with loved ones. I don’t want to multitask my life with my iPhone. 

So here’s my list for switching off from your social media this Christmas. 

1. Hobbies. Yes, that one word that so many of us have forgotten. I just about did! I found that the time I was spending on social media was taking away valuable time that I could be writing. If you’ve forgotten your hobbies because you’ve been on social media a tad too much then take the time today to list down your top five hobbies you use to do. 

2. Don’t check social media first thing in the morning. Instead, why not lie in bed for ten minutes and read a book. Instead of setting the tone for the day by grabbing your phone, create a morning ritual that makes you feel alive. I’m going to be practicing meditation in the morning as I want to start my day grounded in the here and now. 

3. Leave your phone at home or turn it off. When you go out with friends, turn your phone off or if you don’t really need it then leave your phone at home. The people that you spend time with will really appreciate your full attention. 

4. Have set times that you’re allowed to check social media. This may be a little restricting however it starts to train your brain to cope without a phone or computer. In that time, leave your phone and computer at a designated place in your home. Over time, gradually cut the times per/day that you’re allowed to check it back. You may start by checking your phone for thirty minutes, morning, noon, and night. Then you may cut it back to only fifteen minutes in the morning.  

5. Partner up and go social media free with a friend or loved one. One of the best things my partner and I did was getting off Facebook. Alright admittedly, I’m still managing this one. However, in the next month I aim to delete my Facebook account forever.

I worked out how much of my life I will spend on social media in the next 30 years. If I spend 1 hour a day for 7 days a week – I’ll spend 364 hours on social media in 1 year, x30 and you’ve got 10,920 hours! 

Ahhh. Now you’ve read this, it’s time to unplug! Or why not add up how much of your life you’ll be investing on social media in the next 30 years. But is it really investing your life wisely?

Sarah xxo