Your life starts now

The last three months I have been consumed in my new career, my studies and my existing clients.

I have not done any marketing or advertising in my business.

I have barely exercised.

I have slept in.

I have eaten way too much chocolate.

And I have felt guilty for all of it.

But then, I realized. Sometimes life is busy, and we put things on hold. It doesn’t mean that we will never do certain activities, or be a certain person ever again. It just means it is on hold.

Giving myself permission to park my business, my health, my hobbies for a little while has allowed me to see just how much I need them. Not to the extent that I once consumed, and carried them out in.

I really value simplicity these days, and whilst I won’t be giving up on my business or my health for that matter. I will be coming back to them. I will be coming home once again. I’ve been away for a little bit, but as a result, I’ve seen the value in the things that I never took the time off from. Now, taking time off is one of those things we do, and sometimes we forget to go back to the things we enjoy. But I think if the time spent off is time spent reflecting, then it’s not wasted. And if you don’t go back to the things you enjoy, chances are, they were not really things you enjoyed at all.

My soul has been craving my business, my writing, my health. It’s been craving time invested in those things once more, so I will be back. I will be emerging. I will be making time for my life once more. Not from a place of action, but a place of inspiration. A place deep within that yearns for those things, not because it seeks recognition, but because it seeks expression. 

Your life starts now.

Whether you have been putting something purposefully or going forward full force. 

Whether you are at a crossroad or you’re at the start, your life starts now.

Whether you are not doing anything or doing everything, it’s all perfect, it’s part of your life. 

It’s all here for a reason. A blessing. A beautiful season.

Ride that wave.

Ride it hard.

And let your life unfold naturally.

Your life starts now.