Slimy. Sleazy. Icky. Gross!

Post crafted by Sarah Liddle

I feel a little off. 

I’ve taken a step back and cancelled most of my social media accounts except Facebook and Instagram.

I’ve been feeling like people are swamping me with information. Much of it, not related to me.

I don’t want to be that person. That person that tries to sell anything to anyone. Maybe that’s why I’ve taken a step back? I think sales are great. They bring new people to you. I just feel a little icky, trying to sell constantly. 

Am I weird because I don’t have massive goals to make massive amounts of money in the shortest time period possible?

I want my focus to be on my clients, on doing a damn good job.

I’ve got to stop buying things that try and make me improve into someone I am not. 

It’s easy to lose your values, and I guess when you’re in the online space – it’s very easy to be influenced by everybody else. 

But I don’t want to be.

I feel lost because the online world is centred around sales, much like the offline world. Sure there is communion and connection, but alas, it gets lost easily.

I crave the real, the physical, the offline world. 

I want my focus to remain on doing a good job, and maybe that, and just that is enough to grow and expand my business.