Secret Desires

I very rarely go on Facebook now, but when I do, I really pay attention and read the posts. 

There are posts about all sorts of things. Bitchy rants, free tarot reading, sales pitches, pretty pics and more bitchy rants. 

There was one thing that I saw today, which really stuck out in my mind.

It was a post asking ‘what your secret desire is right now’.

Whilst many wrote big dreams, big secrets, and heart yearning items that would send their world into a delicious spin, should they acquire or attain them. Few wrote small desires. *Note, there is nothing wrong with either! 

My mind automatically skipped to the small desires I am secretly harboring now. An hour tucked away in my bed reading Dani Shapiro’s new book, getting back into shape, learning to be courageous and strong internally, leaving other people’s opinions behind. 

So, my mind leaped into this desiring world, and I began looking around at the secret desires I’ve been craving but – as a mom – too scared to embrace. Then, I began thinking some more. 

And I realized, those desires that I’ve been pushing down, those small desires, are no different to people that have big desires. Whether hidden or secret, we all yearn for more. More depth, more love or more money. The difference between attaining something HUGE or something small is how long you’re prepared to focus on it. After finishing my Bachelor of Laws in 4 years, after writing a book in 12 months, after having a baby in 9 months, and getting my Audi A3 in 4 months, I’ve realized something. These have all been my desires, some big, others not so. The difference in those that I achieved in a longer time span, has been my ability to focus. To hold that single thought of what I wanted, and do something – however small – daily to get me there. 

Sometimes our secret desires are not so far away. Whether they be big or small. Your desires matter. They matter, you matter. Hold your focus, practice doing something small every day to drive yourself forward.

You’ve got the potential, now go get ’em.