We Need To Stop Reacting To Nature

I have been feeling torn. 

Torn between wanting to do something, and wanting to be someone.

At some stage, we’ve all been torn between two things. I actually think we are torn not just in those obvious bold extravagant life changing moments, but we are torn every moment. 

We live surrounded by inventions, of those that have gone before us. Concepts, beliefs, and ideas that others dreamed of, thought of and acted upon. Such as:

The Penny Farthing, first invented by James Starley in 1878. 

The car, first invented by Karl Benz in 1885.

The little black dress, a concept invented by Coco Chanel in the 1920s.

These concepts were invented and created to enrich our lives, but have they? 

My neighbor Bill, use to take his horse to town, (before cars were invented), It would take him the whole day to get to town, versus now, whereas it takes 45 minutes in the car.

My life, your life, our lives, have been shaped by the concepts of those that have gone before us, and I am grateful.

However, they have also been shaped by some concepts I do not think I want to hold onto. Concepts like:

Getting a plastic bag at the grocery store.

Buying food that is in plastic packaging which destroys the environment. 

Marketers floundering me in their material to buy their latest and greatest invention, gadget, or clothing of some sort. And alas, I buy it! – My desire, to habitually shop is a concept I don’t want to hold onto. 

I don’t think it’s bad that we have been given so much by doing so little, but I think it’s bad that so many of us, don’t analysis our lives. We just move ahead, reacting to our life and the things that come in it. The concepts, beliefs, ideas and inventions that have been imparted onto us.

More clothing is not better.

More money doesn’t make you better.

Acquiring more stuff, because that’s what everyone else is doing, doesn’t make you better. 

Whether we realize it or not, we stepped into other people’s beliefs, and concepts when we were born. Some, have turned out to be amazing and so incredibly helpful. Others, have ended up hurting the planet and killing precious wildlife. 

The world is not going to change, global warming is going to speed up, diseases are going to keep emerging, and life is going to keep going. But, how we live, doesn’t have to be based on anyone else’s beliefs. How we live can be based on our own. It takes thought, a conscious perspective, and foresight to be a leader and lead others in our evolution, to love nature, to love ourselves, and nurture this planet called earth.

I don’t want to react anymore, or ever, I want to think about where my beliefs came from, why I am doing something, and how my life affects others and the world for generations to come.