My Morning Routine

Post crafted by Sarah Liddle

One of the questions I get asked is ‘what’s my morning routine?’. Before I had my son I had a very strict morning routine in place where I’d:

With an 11-month old, getting a spare minute to myself can be challenging. He usually wakes up around 6:00-7:00am. So now my morning routine consists of getting the baby up, fed, and ready for the day. I usually gulp some water and a coffee in that time. We often bond, he cries from time to time, and we both smile. 

I don’t have an incredible morning routine that I start my day with, and I’m okay with that. Sometimes letting life lead the way is better than our goals leading us. 

For now, my morning routine is all about Blaze, that may change over time. No matter what happens, I know that there is beauty in everything. And everything that life presents us we should be present for. 

Let life lead the way from time to time, and put your goals aside, for just a little bit. 

Make time for your life.