Listen To Your Body

I’ve been feeling drawn to nurture my body lately. To go back to my ‘old ways’. I have started to eat quite light. I’m listening to my body right now. 

It’s wanting a break.

I’m wanting a break.

Mostly from processed foods, and pre-packaged meals, and chewing my meals unconsciously. 

I know about food, but I feel I have forgotten. 

I was trained in the Body Ecology system back in 2006, and then again in 2014. I received my Certifications for this program through Donna Gates. She is truly a smart cookie, who is so ahead of her time!

But I feel even though I’ve been trained, and I do know what to do, I still need a little brushing up.

Despite wanting to get my body back into the state of harmony I want it in. I know that if I do too much, I’ll end up doing nothing. I’ll end up giving up, and burning myself out.

Little by little I’m restoring my health. 

Little by little I’m getting back in alignment with my body.

Little by little I’m beginning to listen to my body. What does it crave? Yearn for? What are the symptoms that are appearing which could be sickness or disease? 

So, I’m starting. 

I’m just starting.

Not with everything, but with one thing.

The most important thing for me.

I’m beginning today. 

This is my declaration.

What one thing can you do to feel better in (and about) your body?