How To Get (And Stay) Organised

Post crafted by Sarah Liddle

Another year is rolling around, and I’m thinking about everything I can do to become more organised. Maybe, you are too?

It may be a tall order trying to be organised when I have a 12-month old, but regardless, I could use organisation in my life. 

Right now as I look around, toys are sprawled across the floor, and clean dishes are piled up – that need to be put away. 

I don’t want to put ‘organisation’ on my goals list because I’ve got a lot of goals already. But it’s something that I do want to master. It’s something I need to make a habit.

I know that if I don’t make organisation a priority and schedule it in, then it won’t happen. When the end of the week rolls around, my house looks like a bomb hit it. I know how that makes me feel, and it makes me feel that way every single week. Organisation is something I need to stay on top of. Making organisation a priority is important, but how do we execute that priority?  

Here are the habits that I will be adopting in 2017.

  1. Write your goals/ intentions down the night before. This is a habit that I adopted many years ago. I am generally a productive person as a result of this. While this doesn’t have a great deal to do with organisation around the home, it helps me stay organised in my head. 
  2. Teach your children to put their toys away. This one may not be suited to everyone. If your child isn’t at an age where they understand this, then this may not be for you. Blaze (my son) will be at an age next year when he will, so I will teach him to put his toys away, and reward him.
  3. Clean one area at a time. This is my favourite technique. Instead of trying to clean all of the kitchen shelves, just clean one shelf, at a time. Take your time, and clean one drawer, or one component, instead of the whole thing.
  4. Do the dishes after you eat. After you have a meal, clean the dishes and put them away.
  5. When you bring something home, give something you already own to charity. Whenever you bring an item of clothing home, give an item of clothing that you’ve already own to charity. 
  6. Clean up your inbox. I have zero emails in my inbox at any one time. I have folders which I move my emails into for example – reading, responding, clients etc. Never leave emails just sitting in your email inbox. 
  7. Try project 333. I love project 333, it’s all about only having 33 items in your wardrobe at any one time. I followed it last winter, but I have been a little slack this summer and I haven’t done it again. It’s on the top of my to-do list. 
  8. Sell any items in your home that you don’t love. My house is fairly simple, I follow a minimalist approach. The more items you have in your home, the cluttered it becomes. It’s easy to clean, care for, and put items away when you don’t have a space full of stuff. 
  9. Everything you own should have a place. Everything in your home should have a specific place. This means that it’s super easy to put things away because you know where they belong. 
  10. Allocate an organisation day. Set aside a specific day a week for 1-2 hours where you spend the time organising your home. Make it enjoyable, have some snacks, and an awesome playlist. 

Adopt the above habits one at a time, until they are all integrated into your life.

It’s easy to get organised but we need to learn how to stay organised on a daily basis.

Little by little we accomplish a lot.