a poem 

: creative pursuits.


All I can do is pray. 

All I can do is stay. 

A wee while longer.


Hoping you’ll walk through.

And we’ll eventually partner together. 

We’ll pursuit a love that is uniquely our own, 

And we’ll forever be together.


Yet, I’m trapped in the old, 

Prolonging the new.

It kills me, to see the door flung wide open.

And for me, to see, but be without you. 


I stand on the edge, fragile and utterly engulfed. 

It’s the longing, and of course, the belonging,

That has me frozen.


I stand.

In stillness.



Closed eyes. 

Cut-up heart. 


Creativity, what you bring, I may never know.

Yet, still, I dance with or without you.