Writing And Special Projects

Hello, Id’ like to welcome you to my new service. I’m your coach/ editor/ creator/ writer. I provide a writing service for all projects and an editing service for major projects (books etc).

I’ll help you with projects like…
– articles
– blog posts  
– books
– courses 
– policies & procedures 
– agreements 
– speeches
– business names 
– taglines
– website copy 
– workbooks
– opt-in’s
– launch emails 
– social media posts 
– sales posts 
– editing 
My style is authentic and honest. I will represent the best you, the you that the world needs to see.
I’ve worked hard over the years to be able to write essays, pitches to major online magazines, e-books, articles, poetry, launch emails (that have converted a whole lot of moolah), sales posts, taglines, course content and website copy… 
Want to team up?
You’re lovely. I’d be delighted. 
I’m taking on new projects right now. If you’d like to discuss your special project and receive a quote send me an email at heylovely@sarahliddle.com
“Read more books than status updates.
Look into more eyes than screens.
Hold more hands than devices.
Love more than you judge.”
– Dulce Ruby