27 Ways To Be An (Even) More Successful Business Person

  1. Do what you love in business and only what you love. This may mean hiring support to assist you in getting the things done that you don’t enjoy.
  2. Don’t follow the crowd. It’s boring. You can do better. Think for yourself. 
  3. Pay attention to your customer’s complaints & wants. 
  4. Send out handwritten thank you notes. Birthday cards are always a treat too. 
  5. Don’t waste your day in Facebook Groups. Chances are you’re not being productive after the first hour. 
  6. Know your strengths and use them.
  7. Never ever sell, but always give and receive. Always, always, always. 
  8. Be kinder and even generous to people that you get annoyed with.
  9. Don’t complain that you’re not earning enough money. Always be grateful and focus on what you’ve got. 
  10. Give more than you get. 
  11. Keep it professional. 
  12. Don’t compare yourself or your business to others. 
  13. Create rituals for yourself.
  14. Don’t be fake. 
  15. Take action every day. Do just one small thing a day that drives your business forward. 
  16. Learn to log off and become comfortable in your own presence without technology.
  17. Join a mastermind with like minded individuals. Love them hard. 
  18. Give your services away for free from time to time. You’ll create raving fans and feel good. 
  19. Don’t multitask. Do one thing at a time in your business at any given moment.
  20. Visualize your goals every single day. And feel what it will be like when you’ve reached it. Really feel it.
  21. Find inspiration on a daily basis. Keep filling up your cup. 
  22. Understand that you’re going to want to quit from time to time. Don’t. 
  23. Make it a rule to take two days off a week. 
  24. Tell your friends and family what your business is all about, and your role in it. 
  25. Don’t get carried away with online tools, technology, and widgets. Business isn’t hard or complicated. Remember K.I.S.S – Keep it simple stupid.
  26. Have a hobby outside of your business. It will make you a more interesting person. 
  27. Leave something behind. Don’t just create a business that is about buying and selling a product or service. Create a business that is about leaving a legacy. Something with heart, something deeper, something that touches a person’s core.