Life Is Happening Now

There are no perfect endings.

No beautiful beginnings.

And no glorious middles. 

I think life is like that, nothing is ever neatly packaged, nor does anything come at the perfect time. 

I was watching a movie the other day, and one of the characters went on to say:

“When one door closes, another opens.”

And the other character remarked:

“Not always.”

It could be seen as little negative, but I think it’s in that space – that space where one door is shut, and the other has yet to open that miracles do happen.

We are positioned in a place where we must find ourselves, without things and achievement.

Our mind is still. 

A perfect example is when I was younger I’d date one guy, and before breaking it off I’d make sure I had another guy lined up to date. My stomach churns just thinking about that. But it’s a great example. I was hiding from myself. Cheating myself. I didn’t allow myself to just be without working towards anything.

I didn’t allow stillness in my life and complete presence in each moment. 

Life doesn’t come perfectly wrapped, and there will be times where you’re questioning what you’re doing.

But all and all, life is not about beginnings, middles, and endings, it’s not. It’s simply about that deep innate presence. The relationship that we have with our life – not our stuff achievements.

In that space and frame of mind, you’re not emersed in anything, but you’ve got everything.

When life is ready new doors will open but you’re not in any hurry because life is happening already with or without achievement.

Life is happening now.