2017 Intentions for the Year

By Sarah Liddle

It’s December 02, 2017 so I’m a bit early in creating my goals for 2017. With them already in mind, I hope to get off to a good start in January. I’ve decided to set stretching goals (a positive term for – hard) as well as easier goals. Both make a big difference in my life for the better.

I’m going to review my goals weekly so I stay on track in achieving them. I think I’ll also schedule them into my diary so I make the time to achieve them. For some of them, I think I need further resources, like training. I hope to report on my progress in the New Year. 

Without any more rambling, here are my goals for 2017.

1. Write a Novel. This is huge for me, because despite being a non-fiction writer for the last ten years, I’ve got goals to step outside my comfort zone and write my first Novel. I’ve already began, but I know it’s a practice. I am to take part in NaNoWriMo in November ’17 to complete it.
2. Write regularly. This means writing three to four times a week. Because it makes me happy.
3. Get a job. Because I’ve finished my Bachelor of Laws I now aim to get a stable job in Law. 
4. Enroll 3 new clients each month for my 1:1 coaching throughout the year. 
5. Meditate. Twice a week for a minimum of ten minutes. 
6. Eat as closely to the Body Ecology Diet as I can. As well, exercise three times a week. 
7. Reduce my social media use. Eliminate the ones that I feel I’m addicted to (I hate saying that), so then I’ll have more time to write, spend with the family and just feel lighter.
8. Simplify my life, my inbox, my friends (because Facebook says I have 5993 friends. But do I really? 
9. Save money. I’d like to have $95,000 saved. 
10. Keep the house as clean as I possibly can. This is hard with a little one, but I do believe I can do it.