2016 My Year In Review – An Accomplishing Year!

By Sarah Liddle

This post covers my accomplishments in 2016 and the next post highlights my intentions for 2017. 2016 was most notably the best year of my life. I completed one of my life goals and was given unexpected happiness in so many ways.

Let’s look at them:

1. I turned thirty! While this may not necessarily be a goal, it was a huge accomplishment. I have seen friends pass away and family pass to the other side. I know everyday is a blessing, and I make the most of every day. Turning thirty is pretty darn cool! I am one of the rare few that look forward to getting older.

2.I gave birth to Blaze James Johnson. On January 02, 2016 Blaze is now eleven months and he is one of my top two favourite boys. I never saw myself as a mother. He has changed my life, his soul is playful and mischievous. I am so grateful to have such a beautiful boy.

3. I completed a book. Beyond Ego is another baby of mine. I believe so deeply in the concept and was sp grateful that my partner was around to bounce ideas around with me. I sold over 100 couples.

4. I got engaged. The kindest man I know proposed. ‘Cowboy’ is my knight and shining armor. He was one of the good boyfriends I had.

5. I became an early riser. I’ve been notorious for staying up late and sleeping in. A habit I wanted to break. And break I did. In 2016 I would get up at 4:00am to 8:00am. Having a baby helped me wake up earlier!

6. I paid off my debt. I paid off $20,000 credit card debt. I then racked up $10,000 again. But I’m further ahead now because I know the problem isn’t my money. It’s me. My partner and I also created an emergency fund.

7. I paid off and finished my Bachelor of Laws. I won’t beat myself up for my credit card debt because I’ve been working hard to pay off my Bachelor of Laws as I’ve went, all $40,000 of it! I not only paid it off but I completed by Bachelors. I’ve got some pretty big plans to work in Law in 2017.

8. I finally accepted my own beauty. For years I’d compare myself to other women, and feel crappy about it. Now I know and understand what beauty means to me, and embrace it. Red lipstick, quick makeup, simple clothing with beauty and simple shape.

9. Other stuff. So I had a baby, got engaged and passed my Bachelor of Laws. I also had a whole bunch of rad stuff happen too. New friendships, stronger bonds, and long walks. Despite there being a lot of good things, there were also the bad and sad. I lost my puppy Lola, and still miss her to this day. This year has been a rollercoaster. I cannot wait to see what next year brings.