When The World Is Against Your Dreams

You wake up to yet again, another day. You feel both excited and terrified. 

You wanted to follow your dreams, so you did.

But now where do you stand?




You stand in the midst, not on the side.

You remember, that this is exactly where you’ve wanted to be your entire life.

And now you’re here. Confused but excited. 

Your life was a long journey, a spiral, upwards – not a circle – sideways. 

Now you’re faced with your darkest demons, and everyone is telling you to stop.

A part of you wants to, but you know you just can’t. Because if you do, you’ll be miserable. Fuckin miserable. 

Your life is waiting. Your dreams are waiting.  

You are stuck, but you still have choices.

You are blinded by your insecurities, but you still hope. 

You are faced with yourself, and that is the scariest demon. 

Your world, despite the chaos, the naysayers, and your insecurities. 

Can move forward. 

You can move forward. 

Stop following the crowd, and start following your heart.

There is no ‘right’ way.

You’ve got this. 

You’ll come into this.

You’ll be this.


Who transforms all expectations.

But wait, before you start stepping out.

Step in. Align yourself with your values, your vision, and your mission. 

You are not alone.

Despite your current lack of support, there are always silent cheerleaders rooting you on.


You give hope for the rest of humanity.