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Hey, it is nice to meet you. I am Sarah Liddle.

Elsie De Wolfe once said, “I am going to make everything around me beautiful.” I have yearned for that beauty my entire life. Both externally and internally. In all areas of my life, I have sought beauty. I am just coming to realise, that beauty is sacred, sometimes fleeting, but always simple. To mean beauty means bringing out the very best in something, and someone.

As you’ll see I write in Australian English, that’s because I am a New Zealander, aka kiwi.

English lessons aside. I am a nerdy introvert who would much rather be sipping caramel lattes or green tea, reading an eclectic range of books, ranging from non-fiction 50 shades of Grey to Law text-books. That’s because I love writing, the law, and beauty. 

My favourite food is anything vegetarian. 

I work out at the gym – Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 

I thrive on routines, but also crave and act on my spontaneous impulses once every blue moon (like my latest hair cut). 

I work 9-5 and hustle on the side. The word ‘hustle’, is not my preferred word.

In an ideal world, I would be doing pretty much what I am doing now. I am grateful to be in a really good position in my life, with great people – Nick my partner and Blaze our son – in it. 

The labels I give myself? Hm. I’m a professional coach by trade, working with clients to build profitable online businesses. Right now I have a new program called the 6 Month Wealth Workout

I’ve also written a book which helps people to capture their inner beauty, and I’ve been published in many online magazines, including Huffington Post, and Thought Catalogue. 

I also have a Bachelor of Laws, and a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice. – That’s the nerd part I was telling you about.

Looking for something fun? Click here or here. Or download my favorite book 50 ways to say you’re lovely right here. 

Take a look around my website darling, and if you feel compelled sign up to receive updates from me here. (Right now they are not very frequent, but they always aim to inspire and add beauty.)

Thanks for visiting!