Hello, I am Sarah Liddle. 

I’m a business mentor and professional writer based in Australia. 
Oh, hey lovely!
I’m a coach by trade. I am currently in the process of updating my coaching services. Please check back here soon. :)

I’ve written a book, and I’ve been published in many online magazines, including Huffington Post, and Thought Catalogue. 

I also have a Bachelor of Laws, and am currently completing my Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice. 

As for my personal life? I live off-the-grid with my partner, and son; in a house-bus/ hay-bale home. I love jazz, sleeping in, my son Blaze, and my sweetheart and soon to be husband Nick.

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Want to work together? I’m only taking on writing projects right now. You can learn more here. 

Please check out my site. Once you’ve had enough, leave your phone at home, go outside, and get some fresh air.

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